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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Goes on CNN and Ribs Chris Cuomo Mercilessly: ‘Mom Told Me I Had To’ (Video)

The brothers have been bantering on air as they update viewers on the coronavirus

New York governor Andrew Cuomo joked that family obligation forced him to appear on younger brother Chris Cuomo’s primetime CNN show Monday night.

“Mom told me I had to,” Gov. Cuomo said by way of explaining his appearance on “Cuomo Prime Time,” prompting an eye roll from the longtime journalist.

Their mom, for the record, is Matilda Cuomo, the former first lady of New York.

The New York governor has been at the forefront of the pandemic response as the coronavirus has swept through America. He appears on national news programs daily to explain what steps his state is taking. Friday, he mandated all non-essential workers stay home and implemented a 90-day moratorium on evictions. Over the weekend, he began working with fashion designer Christian Siriano to create more face masks for healthcare workers.

During another appearance on CNN last week, the two Cuomos joked around even more.

“There’s always time to call Mom,” quipped Chris. “She wants to hear from you, just so you know.”

“I called Mom just before I came on this show. By the way, she said I was her favorite. Good news is she said you are her second-favorite,” came the response. “Second-favorite son, Christopher.”

Having trouble keeping up? It happens! Last December, even Fox News had a mixup, displaying a photo of the New York governor during a segment when a host was really talking about the CNN journalist.