NY Knicks Owner James Dolan Wrote Song About Friend Harvey Weinstein (Video)

James Dolan says he hasn’t talked to the disgraced movie mogul

New York Knicks owner James Dolan wrote a song about his long-time friend Harvey Weinstein and other men accused of sexual misconduct.

Speaking to Fox 5 New York, Dolan said Weinstein and “others” were on his mind when he wrote the song, titled, “I Should’ve Known.”

“What could I have done, what did I miss?” Dolan said, who served on the board of directors of The Weinstein Company. “That’s what this song is — what did we miss?”

Dolan was named in a civil lawsuit against Weinstein late last year, according to The Ringer. Filed by six women, accusers said Dolan, along with Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, were aware of Weinstein’s “pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward women.”

Dolan, the CEO of The Madison Square Garden Company, said he hasn’t talked to disgraced movie mogul Weinstein, but he reiterated that the song wasn’t just about him but others who have or are abusing their power in not just Hollywood but other industries across the world.

In the song he performed with his band, JD & the Straight Shot, Dolan sang, “I should’ve known, I should’ve known, I should’ve thrown myself across his tracks, stopped him from these vile attacks.”

In the interview with Fox 5, Dolan also dismissed reports that he plans to sell both the Knicks and Rangers, saying definitively, “No, we’re not going to sell.”

Watch the video: