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NY Mag’s Frank Rich, HLN’s Joy Behar Discuss News Corp. ‘Thugs’

Rich was on to discuss his latest NY Mag article on how the media company’s misdeeds are just as bad if not worse in the U.S.

Add another prominent journalist to the list of those out to prove News Corp.'s guilt on both sides of the Atlantic — Frank Rich.

The one-time NY Post employee already delivered a harsh rebuke of Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the latest issue of New York Magazine. He described a corporate culture that practices intimidation, fear-mongering and corruption — not to mention a political slant.

Then Monday night he spoke with Headline News' Joy Behar in studio, furthering his claims that those improprieties were as big a problem in the United States as Great Britain.

"Well, I think that we’re deluding ourselves if we think the whole sort of Murdoch culture has not spread to America," Rich said. "We’re reading all this sort of exotic stuff about having British police on the payroll. [New York Police Commissioner] Bernie Kerik was on the Murdoch payroll. He had a huge advance from Harper Collins."

Rich has also tried to emphasize that this is not about the politics — even though consensus says Rich is a liberal and Fox conservative.

"This is about power and money and punishing people they don't like for reasons that could be personal or business — not just political," he said.

Here's the video: