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Murdoch-Run New York Post Demands Gun Control After Florida Shooting

”It’s time, Mr. President, to do something. America is waiting on you,“ says the New York Post’s editorial board on Friday

The cover of the New York Post offered a blunt message for President Donald Trump on Friday.

“Mr. President, please act,” the tabloid blared in very large letters. “We need sensible gun control to help stop the slaughter.”

The paper is a prized possession of Rupert Murdoch, whose affiliated companies controls Fox News — widely reported as the president’s oft-watched channel.

The paper is also a known favorite of Trump’s, going back to his time as a real estate magnate in New York City.

Inside, the full editorial board inveighed against the president, saying his current actions to stem gun violence have been insufficient and that he needed to use his credibility with the NRA and gun rights advocates for a “Nixon in China” moment.

“You need to get behind some steps that can help rein in these endless nightmares. No, not end them altogether — but at least to limit the toll and reduce the frequency,” said the editorial board. “Mr. President, this is your moment. You can keep your promises to the kids and the parents and honor your offer to do “whatever we can do.”

The Post editorial also came with a number of specific policy changes they urged Trump to push, including, reinstitution of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, a ban on bump stocks and raising the age what which it is legal to purchase weapons.

“It’s time, Mr. President, to do something,” the paper concluded. “America is waiting on you.”

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