NY Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin Joins CNBC’s Squawk Box as Co-Host

The author of book-turned-HBO-movie “Too Big to Fail” takes over for Carl Quintanilla

Last Updated: July 15, 2011 @ 10:34 AM

Andrew Ross Sorkin is juggling a lot of different hats — New York Times columnist, author and now morning TV host.

Ross Sorkin, author of book-turned HBO movie "Too Big to Fail," is taking over for Carl Quintanilla as a co-host on CNBC’s morning news program. The other hosts are Joe Kernan and Becky Quick.

Ross Sorkin alerted his fans on Twitter this morning, writing, "in addition to writing for nyt, i will now be spending my mornings as the co-anchor of squawk box on @cnbc. exciting!"

An award-winning columnist on economic issues for the TImes, Ross Sorkin was already a regular CNBC contributor.