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NY Times Columnist Nick Kristof Tear-Gassed in Bahrain

Columnist and videographer placed in police custody during uprising

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof and colleague Adam Ellick were both tear-gassed and placed in the custody of the Bahraini police on Friday during a protest in the city of Sitra.

Both journalists provided live updates via Twitter since the officers did not confiscate their mobile phones. Ellick also tweeted the photo to the left.

The Bahraini government has said Kristof was detained for his own protection, but the columnist, who has criticized the Bahraini government for its repressive tactics, was not so sure.

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Here are some of Kristof’s tweets:

“Just got tear gassed here in Bahrain. Protesters shouting down with king broken up by riot police in Jidhafs.”

“I was just pulled into police car here in Sitra, #Bahrain, but not sure if I'm being detained or protected.”

“Police seem to think this is awkward, holding me in car while they squelch protest. One very nicely offered me water.”

“Adam says his camera got hit by tear gas grenade or rubber bullet. Then a cop hit him and the camera, breaking part of it.”

“Sr cop arrived and let me go. My videographer, @aellick, was in different police car and also freed. #Bahrain”

“I'm fascinated to learn from #Bahrain govt statement that I wasn't detained but "sought police protection." #sarcasm”

For his part, Ellick tweeted that he was "dragged" and not allowed to leave the car.