N.Y. Times, Guild Reach ‘Tentative’ Agreement, Union Says

Contract negotiations have been stalled for 20 months

Two weeks after agreeing to mediation in stalled contract negotiations, the New York Times and the guild that represents its employees have reached a tentative agreement.

Getty ImagesThe guild said early Monday that it has reached a "tentative compromise" on a new five-year contract with the newspaper. It must now be ratified by the union.

A Times spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests from TheWrap for comment.

The guild said it would not release the terms of the deal, at the request of meditator Martin Scheinman.

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The negotiating committee that struck the deal has voted to support the settlement. It would preserve workers' benefit pension plan, trusteed medical plan and salary raises.

The 20-month standoff has caused union employees, whose positions range from reporters to security officers to janitors at the newspaper, to walk out of the building in protest and write repeated letters to the paper's management, pleading with them to "Save Our Times."

The Guild said it would provide more information in coming days, and set up a ratification meeting "in the near future."