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NY Times Rails Against ‘Twisted’ Donald Trump Effect in Scathing Editorial

GOP frontrunner is hurting U.S. image overseas by ”twisting its message of tolerance and welcome,“ newspaper’s editorial board writes

The New York Times took on Donald Trump, and Republican politicians who’ve followed in his footsteps, on Thursday for twisting American ideals and hurting our image globally.

In an editorial titled, “The Trump Effect, and How It Spreads,” the paper’s editorial board wrote about what it perceives as the hateful message the real estate mogul-turned-political titan is spreading with his call to ban Muslims entries to the U.S. — and how the message behind it isn’t limited to him.

“Do not make the mistake of treating him as a solitary phenomenon, a singular celebrity narcissist who has somehow, all alone, brought his party and its politics to the brink of fascism,” the editorial says.

The Times touched on other Republican candidates condemning Trump’s policy against Muslims, taking them on for pushing discriminatory policies themselves, including calling for a ban on the entry of Syrian refugees to the U.S.

“Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush want to allow only Christian refugees from Syria to enter the country, and Mr. Cruz has introduced legislation to allow states to opt out of refugee resettlement,” the paper wrote.

But on Trump, the Times emphasized how his message is “twisting” the fabric of what America is, damaging our reputation globally.

“Not a vote has been cast in the 2016 presidential race,” the paper wrote but concluded that Trump is “seen as speaking for America,” “twisting its message of tolerance and welcome,” and mimicked “by the candidates who trail him and are competing for his voters.”

A new CBS News poll released on Thursday shows Trump leading the GOP presidential field with 35 percent support, followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has 16 percent support.

Read the full New York Times editorial here.