NY Times Readers Gain Forum for Digital Feedback

Beta 620 is a site where anyone can try new features that may appear on the Times’ website

 Want to try the next big feature on the New York Times website? Or tell its digital editors what you like and do not like?

Here is your chance.

The NY Times has unveiled Beta620, a site where any internet user can go and try new features that may appear on the Times' website, AdAge reports.

The site, which is named after the company's address on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, was first announced last summer but did not open to the public until Sunday because the Times' paywall was tackled first.

Among the first seven potential features are "The Buzz," which shows the popularity of TImes' articles on social media plaforms, "Times Companion," which permits readers to get information about topics within an article without changing pages and "Community Hub," which lists statistics on one's comment history and a feed of one's past comment.

Though the site is available to everyone, only registered users can comment. The potential features are only submitted by employees for now, but non-employees will soon get their chance.