NY Times Redesigns Feature Sections in Print

The New York Times' weekly feature sections are getting a new look

The New York Times has revamped its feature sections in print, starting with the design for Tuesday's "Science Times."

The New York TimesFrom Wednesday's "Dining" to Sunday's "Arts & Leisure," the print edition of the Times will see an overall facelift as the newspaper looks to increase its paper sales.

This is the first time that all the paper's feature sections have been redesigned at the same time.

“The New York Times is constantly evolving visually, both in print and online,” Tom Bodkin, the paper's design director, said in a statement. “The goal was not to create an entirely new look, but to develop a more coherent, accessible, underlying structure across all sections.”

The redesign of Tuesday's "Science Times" is not dramatic.

Compared to last week's edition, this week's features a smaller header moved down from the top of the page to fit story teasers, which are paired with photos and illustrations.

"Well," once a web-only personal health blog on NYTimes.com, will now be featured in "Science Times." Same goes for "In Transit," the Times' travel tips and deals blog,  which will be now featured in the "Travel" section. And "Vows," will now be featured as a stand-alone section in the "Sunday Styles" section of the paper.

Rick Berke, an assistant managing editor who oversees the Times’s features departments and weekly sections, said he hopes the redesign will make the paper's content "more accessible."

“With this redesign, our journalism will be even more accessible and, we hope, more dynamic,” Berke said in a statement. “But we preserved and enhanced the content that our readers have long looked for in our print feature sections.  I can't wait to see this all come together in Sunday's paper.”