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Refinery29 Reporter Criticizes NY Times Over Diversity: ‘Stop Believing’ Your ‘Bullsh–‘

”It’s so insulting that you put us down as ‘websites most often associated with millennials and women,'“ tweets Andrea González-Ramírez

New York Times reporter John Surico was put on the defense after Refinery29 reporter Andrea González-Ramírez lambasted the paper for its failure to cover the campaign of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

González-Ramírez, who covers news and politics for the website, slammed the “disconnected” Times on Wednesday for dismissing Ocasio-Cortez as a “nosy brown girl with impossible dreams,” adding, “we knew better.”

Her criticism earned a quick response from Surico, a freelancer for the Times who covers New York City for the Metro desk and contributed to its article on Ocasio-Cortez’s victory. “If you’re going to castigate NYT, then you have to fault all of NYC media — all of which didn’t see Ocasio-Cortez coming,” he wrote.

González-Ramírez also said she took issue with the Times’ characterization of the outlets that had covered Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign — including Mic, Refinery29, and Elite Daily — as “websites most often associated with millennial and female audiences.” She pushed back against the description, calling it “insulting” and saying it suggested “millennials and women couldn’t possibly care about so-called serious issues.” She concluded: “This is such a comemierda [pretentious] approach.”

“R29, Elite Daily, and Mic ARE national outlets,” she wrote. “Maybe the Times should learn something from us.”

Surico punched back, saying that he is a millennial himself and added that the characterization was intended to differentiate the three websites from “broad-audience publications” such as Time and Politico.

The Times later issued a correction to the original article, writing that the three outlets do, in fact, “reach a national audience.”

González-Ramírez also attributed the Times’ failure to cover the campaign to its mostly white political reporting staff, citing a Harvard study which analyzed the racial breakdown of political reporting teams from 2016 by newsroom and found that the Times was 90 percent white.

“Maybe start hiring more diverse reporters — young, women and non-binary, of color, from working class backgrounds and more. Because anyone with a little bit of insight into the communities @Ocasio2018 belongs to could have told you she stood a chance,” she said. “Maybe they should stop believing their own internal bullsh– and start paying attention about what’s happening outside.”

Though González-Ramírez went on to ask Surico why the Times hadn’t covered the campaign, he couldn’t provide her with an answer.

“I don’t make those decisions,” he said. “[I am] just a freelancer, defending our reporting.” 

See the full exchange González-Ramírez and Surico between below.