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NYC Pol Flooded With Homophobic Hate Calls After On-Air Spat With Tucker Carlson

City Council Member Corey Johnson posted the messages to his Facebook page

New York City Council Member Corey Johnson’s voicemail has been flooded with homophobic hate calls following a combative appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Tuesday.

Johnson was a guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss a proposed bill that would force Donald Trump to release his tax returns or risk losing his contracts with the City of New York.

But Carlson soon took a bizarre turn when he suggested Johnson should worry less about Trump and more about the poor sanitary conditions at New York City’s Penn Station, which is in Johnson’s district.

“Have you been in Penn Station recently?” Carlson quipped. “It’s like a homeless shelter. It’s disgusting.”

“I’m serious,” Carlson went on to say. I go there every week. And that’s yours? Penn Station is yours? And you’re worrying about Trump’s tax returns? Are you joking? Have you been in the men’s room there? Dead serious question: Have you been in the men’s room in Penn Station?”

In an effort to try and get back to the issue at hand, Johnson, who is openly gay, joked that “unlike former Republican senator Larry Craig, I avoid men’s rooms.”

That’s all it took for some viewers to flood Johnson’s voicemail with homophobic messages, according to Johnson’s Facebook feed.

“‪Fox viewers hate speech messages still coming in after the Tucker appearance. ‘Are you a transgender bitch?!’ ‘You f–king f—-ts!'” Johnson posted on his page, along with a video recording of one of the voicemails.

“Corey Johnson just said on the news that he doesn’t piss in the men’s room,” the caller said. “Is he a transgender bitch or what?”

“Do you guys hold each other’s dicks while you piss or what?” the message went on to say. “You fu–ing f—-t, no good motherf—ers out of New York.”

“F–k you, f–k everybody like you, get the hell off the news you f–king f—-t,” the caller concluded.

According to a spokesperson, Johnson also received a number of homophobic hate emails.

“HA HA you are just another whiny peice [sic] of s–t I pray somebody kills your family,” one person wrote in an email. Another emailed to say Johnson was a “queer piece of s–t.”

Listen to the full voicemail message below and the exchange with Carlson above.