Netflix’s ‘Deaf U’ Trailer Dives Into the Dating Pool: ‘The Women Here Are Just Wow!’ (Video)

If you talk like a f—boy and act like a f—boy, “you probably are one!” one student says

Netflix dropped the trailer for its coming-of-age docuseries “Deaf U” from model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, and the trailer wastes no time in diving right into the dating pool at Gallaudet University. As one student puts it, “The women here are just wow!”

Premiering Oct. 9, things tend to get pretty steamy within the “tight-knit” group of students at the private college for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington, D.C. Maybe that has something to do with the school’s enrollment of 700 women and only 300 men?

When one student laments that “People think I’m a f—boy,” another reminds him (in American Sign Language): “If you talk and act like one, you probably are one!”

Throughout the docuseries, the friends “navigate the high, lows, and hookups of college life together,” according to Netflix. “Their stories offer an unprecedented, unfiltered, and often unexpected look inside the Deaf community.”

The trailer was released on Sept. 23 in honor of International Day of Sign Languages, a day that highlights the importance of supporting and protecting “the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all deaf people and other sign language users,” according to the United Nations.

“Deaf U” is executive produced by DiMarco, Eric Evangelista, Shannon Evangelista, Nyle DiMarco, and Brandon Panaligan.

Tune in to “Deaf U” when it premieres on Oct. 9.


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