NYT Editor Jill Abramson Blasts Sexist Politico Piece Again

Calls Politico’s reporting about her newsroom management “shoddy”

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson has lashed out at Politico again, calling its April hit piece about her “shoddy, sexist” and “nutty.”

Abramson has made her feelings about the article, which used several unnamed sources to make the case that she had lost the support of her newsroom, known in the past. She admitted to the Daily Beast that it made her cry, something she repeated as the keynote speaker at the Journalism & Women’s Symposium on Saturday.

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“When the article came out, the truth is I was alone at home when it went online at night,” Abramson said. “And, you know, I read it and it did make me cry.”

But she was cheered significantly a few seconds later, when a colleague called her and said she was going to “go to work.” Soon, several female journalists (it should be noted that plenty of men spoke out as well) took to social media to criticize the piece for being a “shoddy, sexist, you know, ad feminem attack.”

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Abramson also addressed the substance of the story, saying Politico had made a big deal out of a relatively minor incident.

“I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m not saying I’m not stubborn,” she said. “The story seemed to revolve around this silly fight that Dean Baquet, the managing editor of the Times, and I had had one day. But who doesn’t occasionally have spats with coworkers? And this one blew over in less than a day, as most do.”

“It was just kind of a nutty piece.”

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