Obama Calls Back to Biden’s Hot Mic Gaffe: Signing the Inflation Reduction Act Is a ‘Big F-ing Deal’

The former president tweeted support of the measure by lightly ribbing his former VP

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Joe Biden signed the high-profile Inflation Reduction Act into law Tuesday, and Barack Obama had some congratulatory words that lightly ribbed his former vice president.

Calling back to a memorable hot mic gaffe from 2010, Obama quote tweeted the news from Biden’s presidential account and shared, simply, “This is a BFD.”

“BFD” in this case stands for “Big F—ing Deal” – which is what Biden memorably enthused to Obama after the former president signed the Affordable Care Act back in March 2010. Biden’s hot mic at the time caught him whispering to Obama that him signing the legislation was a “big f—ing deal,” and Obama’s tweet on Tuesday was his way of returning the compliment.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is now law,” read Biden’s original tweet. “Giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. Ensuring wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes. And taking the biggest step forward on climate in our history.”

In its final form, the Inflation Reduction Act provides $430 billion to climate change measures and to health care coverage while also establishing efforts to reduce the deficit.

It’s the largest bill to fight climate change ever passed and is widely considered a key win for the Biden Administration.