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Obama Don’t Dance: White House Slaps Fox

Gibbs takes a swipe at Fox for not carrying president’s health care speech. Bad idea.

Apparently White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has never taken a trip on the hot tamale train.


Gibbs used an appearance on today’s "Fox and Friends" (on Fox News Channel) to tweak Fox Broadcasting for not carrying President Obama’s health care speech. The network opted to stick with the long-planned premiere of "So You Think You Can Dance" instead.


That move seems to have ticked off Gibbs, according to TV Newser, which printed a transcript of Gibbs’ remarks.

"I do hope the viewers of Fox will find a way to watch this speech tonight," he said. "I know the network, instead of dealing with the reality of millions of people on health insurance reform have decided to show a reality show called ‘So You Think You Can Dance’."


Gibbs’ comments prove that Democratic administrations can be just as clueless about the media as GOPers.


First off, Gibbs spoke as if Fox News and Fox Broadcasting were the same thing. Regular viewers of Fox News tend to be older and more male, while the Fox Broadcasting Co. goes after younger viewers.


And while Fox News and Fox the network are technically siblings, it’s in name only. Execs at the two News Corp. outlets barely speak to each other, with Fox News often operating as if Fox Broadcasting were from another planet. Fox News personalities have also regularly taken shots at Fox Broadcasting programming.


Gibbs didn’t slam Fox Broadcasting when he appeared on other news networks. It didn’t make sense for him to attack the network while on Fox News.


What’s more, Gibbs’ comments will no doubt only rub salt in the wounds of broadcasters already miffed at the White House’s frequent requests for airtime. Each presidential news conference or speech can cost a network a couple million dollars in lost ad revenue.


Gibbs’ snarky slap at Fox will do nothing to ease tensions.