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Obama Gets an ‘Idol’ Boost

President sets his state of the union for Jan. 27

President Obama is getting a great lead-in for his state of the union speech: "American Idol."

The White House Monday finally revealed the prez will deliver his annual address on Wednesday, Jan. 27. It had previously promised not to slot the speech on Feb. 2, the "Lost" season premiere.

But with the president speaking at 9 p.m., Fox will have to preempt the planned 8 p.m. episode of "Human Target" to make room for "Idol" at 8. Bad for "Target," great for Obama (though there’s no guarantee all those "Idol" lovers will stay tuned for POTUS.)

As for other networks, CBS and ABC will likely stick with their usual comedies. NBC will probably keep "Mercy" at 8 and preempt "SVU" and "The Jay Leno Show."