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Obama Slow Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon, Promises ‘Orange Is Not the New Black’ (Video)

Move over Brian Williams, there’s a new slow-jammer on the ”Tonight Show“ — and he’s got some witty jokes at Donald Trump’s expense

“NBC Nightly News” host Brian Williams almost made a second career out of slow jamming the news, and if Obama is looking for a new job for when he retires as POTUS, then he’s off to a strong start.

The soon-to-be former president took the mic with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, where he mocked Donald Trump’s infamous orange tan, Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” and even the late-night host himself.

“Hello, I am President Barack Obama, and I too would like to slow jam this news,” Obama announced stone-faced as he took to the stage alongside Fallon.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your president for the past eight years,” Obama said, before detailing some of his major successes while in office.

It didn’t get the response his speeches usually do, however, as Fallon said in his sleaziest lounge singer voice, “Oh yeah, President Obama stimulated longterm growth … in 2008, the public said it wasn’t in the mood. It was too tired and stressed, and said it had a headache.” Fortunately Barack got some candles and silky satin sheets and told the American people “yes, we can.”

After creating millions of jobs, “he’s got one more for Hillary,” The Roots frontman crooned.

Obama went on to boast about some of his other milestones, from helping the environment and legalizing same-sex marriage. “In short, climate change is real, healthcare is affordable, and love is love,” he said.

The pair even managed to throw in a Beyonce reference as Fallon sang, “When the Republicans gave him lemons, he made so much lemonade that Beyonce started calling him ‘Baracky with the good hair.”

Sharing a sentiment that many Americans are feeling, “His first two terms ended in such a hurry, wish he could go for three like my man Steph Curry,” lamented our loyal backing vocalist.

Sadly, Obama has no intention of sticking around at the White House when his term is done. “I can’t stay forever … and Daddy has a Hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days, but who’s counting?” he asked, while looking at his watch with a sly smile.

In true presidential style, Obama closed out with a cheeky jab at Trump, saying he hasn’t been following the elections because he’s too busy watching his new favorite show “Orange Is Not the New Black.”

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11:35 p.m. on NBC. Look out for Obama performing in a jazz lounge near you come January.