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Occupy Wall Street Protester Rips Fox News (Video)

Fox doesn't air the interview citing an excess of footage

As the Occupy Wall Street movement spawns more copycat demonstrations across the country, the group’s media team has leaked a video of a testy exchange between a Fox News producer and one of the protesters.

During the interview, protestor Jessie LaGreca tells producer Griff Jenkins that it has been hard to decry greed, inequality and corruption given the propaganda machine the media has become, especially with a “conservative-leaning organization” like Fox.

He then gets in some jabs at Fox News chief Roger Ailes and company whenever he can.

Despite questions more focused on the protest, LaGreca said that it has been difficult to find coverage of the Department of Justice’s ongoing investigation of News Corp. and refers to comments ex-Fox host Glenn Beck made about President Obama as “a low moment in U.S. history” — and one that Fox played a role in.

Here’s the video:

The New York Observer first published the video, framing it as a potential scandal. Why a scandal?

Fox never aired the interview.

It was also just a few minutes from a few hours of interviews producers collected for "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren."

That is the explanation Van Susteren gave Mediaite.

“Griff Jenkins spent about three hours with the protesters," Van Susteren said. "The resulting hour of footage was edited down to a two-minute package about the economic issues that prompted the Occupy Wall Street protests.”

It did not help that Jenkins bumbled his way through the interview, but the movement’s media team likely saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on the escalating attention as protests continue to spread to new cities.

The protests became a national media story over the weekend as participants took to the Brooklyn Bridge, prompting the NYPD to arrest about 700 of them.

Copycat demonstrations have also popped up around the country in cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles, with more slated for towns both large and small.