‘The Office’ Executive Producers Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein to Develop Remote Workplace Comedy

Project inspired by new working conditions in a post-coronavirus world

Ben Silverman, Paul Lieberstein

Two of the executive producers behind iconic workplace comedy “The Office” are teaming up again for a fresh take on what today’s offices look like in a post-coronavirus world — home.

The project comes from Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein — the latter of which played the infamous “Toby” on “The Office” — and Big Breakfast, a comedy banner owned by Silverman and Howard Owens’ Propagate Content.

“I was in everybody’s house and I was in everybody’s life,” Lieberstein told NPR about the show, which is still in development. “Everybody’s attempt to keep themselves private from work no longer applies. And this kind of integration between home and work brought all these new ideas and stories and characters into play.”

Lieberman said the show would focus on the realities of working from home but not focus on the pandemic.

“We’re all experiencing the quarantine,” Lieberstein said. “I don’t know if we want to go as dark as the virus itself. People are getting enough of that without me. But I think the challenges of staying sane under quarantine are ours to play with.”

TheWrap reached out to reps for Lieberstein, Silverman and Big Breakfast but they have yet to respond.