‘The Office’ Preview: Steve Carell Slaps Will Ferrell (Video)

Four clips suggest a low-key episode Thursday in advance of Michael Scott’s April 28 farewell

By our calculations, Thursday's all-new episode of "The Office" means that Will Ferrell will be two episodes into his stint on the show. It also means that Steve Carell will have just one more to go in his.

At least we think that's correct. Math wasn't our strongest subject in high school.

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Either way, tonight's episode, "Michael's Last Dundies," is the calm before what will certainly be a huge media storm celebrating Steve Carell's final episode on April 28. NBC has announced that it will dedicate 50 minutes to saying goodbye to Michael Scott.

Based on the four clips below, "Michael's Last Dundies" doesn't seem to be overly dominated by either Ferrell or Carell. They also feature a funny bit about why breadsticks are more like scrapbooking than they are like crack. So true.