O.J. Lawyer Shapiro to Take On LiLo?

If so, he reportedly won’t appeal her jail sentence

Has Lindsay Lohan finally got a lawyer?

With less than a week to go before the actress has to start serving her 90-day jail sentence, TMZ is reporting that Robert Shapiro has agreed to represent the actress.

Well known for his role as a leading member of O.J. Simpson’s successful defense team, Shapiro is reportedly not going to appeal Judge Marsha Revel’s sentence for Lohan’s probation violation. Instead the Legal Zoom co-founder is going to seek an immediate rehab program or a reduced sentence for Lohan, without going through the lengthy appeal process.

Attempts by TheWrap to reach both Shapiro and the Lohan camp were not immediately returned.

Shapiro’s alleged strategy may be successful if he can convince Revel, who ignored Lohan’s tearful pleas on July 6, that the actress really intends to deal with her substance-abuse problem. Of course, Revel could dismiss Shapiro and say Lohan’s going to have to go to rehab anyway.

The actress, who has been in and out of treatment programs over the years, has been court-ordered to enter a 90-day rehab in-patient program within two days of getting out of jail.

Lohan is expected to surrender to authorities in Beverly Hills on July 20 to start her sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California for violating her probation steaming from a 2007 DUI. With prison overcrowding and the non-violent nature of her crime, which did include cocaine and booze fuelled car chase through L.A., Lohan will probably on serve about 22 days behind bars.

Short on cash and time, Lohan, who a recent probation report revealed to be heavily using prescription drugs, has been looking for a new lawyer after parting ways with long time attorney Shawn Chapman Holley on July 8. Chicago based criminal attorney Stuart V. Goldberg tuned the actress down because she couldn’t afford him, and he thought she didn’t understand the consequences she is facing.

Perhaps Shapiro, who lost a son to drug overdose, will be able to set her straight before it’s too late.