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OJ Simpson Parole Hearing: Vegas Expects to See the Juice Loose Again

Here are the odds of an early release, courtesy of Bovada

O.J. Simpson is currently incarcerated at Nevada’s Lovelock Correction Center. Not for long, thinks the same state’s Las Vegas sports books.

Per online line-setter Bovada, Simpson is a -270 bet to be granted parole — or he has 10/27 odds. To put that simply, the former pro-football player and “Naked Gun” supporting actor is an overwhelming favorite to become a free man again, and likely in early October.

To win $10 at that bet, one would have to wager $27. So, not a great return on investment — and perhaps not the best karma of all-time, either.

A “No” bet has a +180 line, or 9/5 odds. That means to win $9, just plunk down an Abraham Lincoln (the bill, not the penny, you cheapskates) and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck, naysayers.

These days, oddsmakers at Bovada believe that the granting of parole for Simpson is even more likely than they thought it was in mid-June. Here’s how the bet initially opened on June 22:

Will OJ Simpson be granted parole in 2017?

Yes                   -200     (1/2)

No                    +150     (3/2)

The former football star was sentenced to nine to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping following a scheme to break into a room at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas to steal sports memorabilia. Simpson was granted parole on some of the armed robbery convictions in 2013, but still had to serve at least four more years due to assault with a deadly weapon charges and other weapon-related charges.

***Parole Hearing set for July 20th.

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