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Oliver Stone’s Putin Interview-Plugging Appearance on Colbert Was a Disaster (Video)

CBS audience isn’t shy about laughing at the director, and most certainly not with him

It might be a while before Oliver Stone drops by “The Late Show” again.

The director guested on Stephen Colbert’s CBS vehicle Monday to promote his “Putin Interviews” documentary. The segment quickly devolved into a disaster, however, when it became quite clear that few — if any — in the room shared Stone’s political beliefs.

At one point, the guy behind “Platoon” said his Showtime subject, Russian president Vladimir Putin, has been “insulted and abused” in the media. Imagine how well that went over with the New York City audience.

A little later, when Stone described Putin as “a social conservative,” the audience really got a case of the giggles.

“I don’t know why you’re laughing,” Colbert’s guest addressed the moment.

His host did. Watch the video above.