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What Happens in Pyeongchang, Stays in Pyeongchang: Olympic Village Stocks 110,000 Condoms

That’s the most ever for a Winter Olympics

We’re not saying the athletes at the Winter Olympics this year will be more promiscuous than ever, but we’re saying if they wanted to, the opportunity is there.

The Olympic Village in Pyeongchang is stocked with 110,000 condoms, which is the most protection provided at the Winter Olympic games in recent memory. That’s 10,000 more than the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 (there are only 100 additional athletes).

With 2,925 athletes expected at the Olympic Village this year, from 90 nations, it works out to roughly 37 condoms per person — available to them in a span of about two weeks. Hey, if anyone has the stamina, it’s going to be an Olympian, right?

That being said, this isn’t the most condoms to be handed out in any Olympic event. In Rio 2016, 450,000 condoms were handed out, which worked out to about 42 per person.

In any case, Valentine’s Day is happening during the games, so we’re sure at least some of those 110,000 will be put to use.

The Pyeongchang games begin Feb. 9 and continue to Feb. 25.