One Direction and Jimmy Kimmel Make a 58-Cent Potato Extremely Famous (Video)

Chosen russet is a huge hit on social media

Last Updated: November 20, 2015 @ 12:44 PM

Jimmy Kimmel introduced One Direction to its new fifth member, a russet potato, with just one goal: make the ordinary vegetable famous.

“By this time tomorrow … it might even be dating Ariana Grande, we don’t know,” Kimmel quipped on Thursday.

That joke may not be too far-fetched, given our celebrity-obsessed culture. After all, at the time of this writing, the potato has more than 15,000 Twitter followers — despite just 7 tweets — and nearly 6,000 Facebook likes.

But the real damage has been done on Instagram, where the future french fry order has 109,000 followers. The original photo of the potato has more 552,000 likes on 1D’s Instagram page.

Sweet, potato.

Watch the video above.