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One Hour In: ‘This Is How You Host an Emmys’

But so far, the list of winners has been oh-so-predictable.

No huge surprises, but one hour into the show, this year’s Emmys is already dramatically more entertaining than last year’s disaster.


Producers seem to be packing every minute of the show with entertainment. From the color commentator offering up wry asides on the winners, to a spectacular dance routine, somebody in Emmy land realized this year that this is a show, not just an excuse to hand out trophies.


And then there’s Neil Patrick Harris.


Jeff Probst, one of the gang of five who co-hosted last year, just gave a shout-out to NPH, vocalizing exactly what I’ve been thinking.


"This is how you host the Emmys," Probst told Harris. "Nice job."


It’s still early, of course. And not every joke NPH has attempted has worked.


But the "How I Met Your Mother" star is willing to mock himself when a bit falls flat, so even the groaners have been OK.


We’d still like a few less predictable winners, though.


I mean, ‘The Amazing Race’? AGAIN? 


Come. On. 


We’ve got two more hours….