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One More Thing Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump Have in Common: Their Lawyer

Marc Kasowitz helped O’Reilly navigate sex harassment claims, and is now appointed to help Trump deal with Russian collusion allegations

As the New York Times inadvertently pointed out on Monday, President Donald Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly share a commonality: their lawyer.

The two conservative pundits are represented by New York attorney, Marc Kasowitz. Often described as “the toughest of the tough guys,” Kasowitz has handled a number of high-profile cases, including a lawsuit between the Trump family and Wall Street heavyweight Carl C. Icahn over casinos.

Kasowitz has worked extensively with Trump over the years. But because he is not “a criminal lawyer or a political hand,” many are wondering if he is the right person to serve as the president’s outside counsel. Meanwhile, Kasowitz also represents Bill O’Reilly in his sexual harassment case.

In addition to their lawyer, Trump and O’Reilly share other similarities: They are both conservative. They like to rally their followers against the “liberal media.” Also, they have both been accused of sexual assault.

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