Digital Influencers Come Together to Offer Advice on ‘Building Your Brand’

Power Women Summit 2021: Amelie Zilber, Chloé Lukasiak, Christina “Tinx” Najjar, Lauren Riihimaki and Lizzy Capri shared their thoughts

Five digital content entrepreneurs came together to share their insights on breaking into the industry and increasing your online influence for TheWrap’s 2021 Power Women Summit.

TheWrap’s Emily Vogel moderated the panel titled “Content Creators: Building Your Brand.” Over the course of the hour-long conversation, the panelists addressed topics ranging from partnering with brands to balancing the demands of their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chloé Lukasiak, an author and actor who got her start on the reality series “Dance Moms,” used the lockdown to self-reflect and find new ways to connect with her followers. “It was the time we needed to connect and stop doing things just to keep us busy, and really focus on what we’re passionate about and what we want to share with the world,” Lukasiak said.

Content creator Lizzy Capri added that staying home forced her to stretch her creative muscles in order to inspire people during these difficult times. “How do I continue to provide this content at a time where I felt like my audience needed it most?” she said she asked herself. One solution was to film all of her content herself. “It really helped me feel closer to my audience because I was just able to talk to them directly,” she added.

For the more politically-minded members of the group, social media has provided an outlet for their activism. Amelie Zilber, founder of Gen-Z targeted newsletter TwoMinute Times, worked with the Biden administration to engage with young voters. She noted it’s important to “partner with brands that align with who I am and what I believe in.”

Similarly, part of digital creator Christina “Tinx” Najjar’s work includes keeping her followers informed. During the pandemic, she interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on TikTok. “I try to think about my content holistically, like a mini variety show if you will,” she said. “No matter where people find me, I hope they can be entertained, or informed.”

The panel closed with each participant offering advice to aspiring content creators. Lauren Riihimaki, host and executive producer of HBO’s “Craftopia,” stressed the importance of staying true to oneself and prioritizing mental well-being. “Success is driven by mental health… and the overall positivity of the community I’m building and fostering,” she said. “I think when I’m in a better space too, I’m making better content.”

For more of the discussion, you can watch the full panel here.

The Power Women Summit is the largest annual gathering of the most influential women in entertainment, media and technology. The event aims to inspire and empower women across the landscape of their professional careers and personal lives. This year’s PWS provides three days of education, mentorship, workshops and networking around the globe – to promote this year’s theme, “Represent.”