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An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

You are free to leave your gilded cage. Will you soar? Or will you splat against the window pane?

Dear Lindsay,

You are at the crossroads of a defining moment. You are free to leave your gilded cage. Will you soar? Or will you splat against the window pane? Will your story be told as is Drew Barrymore's — a story of triumph, accomplishment and esteem and (dare I say) joy? Or will your life story become an obituary about a life that might have been?

The choice is yours. Yes, Lindsay, how you author, direct and act in your life story from this moment on is entirely up to you.

Life happens for you, not to you. You — yes YOU — create the experiences in your life whether you realize it or not. This isn't about blame, shame, guilt or even credit. Those are judgment words and judgment is toxic to the human spirit. You did not get up out of bed on day wondering how you could screw up your life and then do just that. You, like everyone else, are doing the best you can with the light you have to see. And, Lindsay, some days you couldn't even find your flashlight lost at the bottom of your expensive trendy bag. 

The light is there, I promise you. But it's not at a jewelry store. It's entirely within you. All you have to do is tap into it and light your way.

This is about taking full responsibility for the life you create. To do anything less, places you as a victim.  And you most certainly were not born to be a victim to anyone or any thing.

Here's the thing…

If you created a s— storm of life events you might as well go back and pick up the gifts you were meant to receive. I'm talking about the lessons you can learn that will positively change your life's direction, bring you more of the good stuff and less of the crap you've thrown upon yourself.

Here's the other thing…

You also created the highest of high moments in your life.You brilliantly used your innate gifts at their highest potential to experience sublime success. And, just as brilliantly, you began to throw it all away as if you weren't worth it somehow. 

Now that's just babblecrap in the form of your own inner misguided thoughts and feelings. It's allowing yourself to be in service to other people's agendas instead of your own innermost calling and purpose in life.

Since you created your achievement you might as well go back and get the recipe of how to do it again. Examine how you showed up to achieve success and model that behavior. It's what you're here to do. I can't imagine being in jail, house arrest or the fodder for tabloid journalism is what feeds your soul.

Expressing your gifts is what will make your heart sing and give you the ability to fly freely, boldly and beautifully out of that gilded cage.  I'm rooting for you because I, like many people, love a story well told. 

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