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Oprah Cookin’ Up New Black Eyed Peas Promo

The Black Eyed Peas appear determined to make their summer smash "I’ve Got a Feeling" the Most Ubiquitous Song in TV Marketing. Ever.


First, CBS licensed the track to tout its fall lineup. Ads began popping up in June with the song playing over scenes from new and returning Eye series.


Around the same time, the Peas began popping up in ads for Target. Target got both the rights to the song and actual video of the Peas pimping for the store.

Now, here comes the O.


Oprah Winfrey Friday used her Twitter feed to announce that the season 24 promo campaign for her daytime show will feature a remixed version of… "I Gotta Feeling."

The Peas have even tweaked the lyrics to their hit to make the song more Oprah-specific.


"Twenty-fourth season, like oh my God," Will.I.Am now sings. "Stay on that sofa! Keep watchin’…O!"

Team Oprah has chosen to make the YouTube video of the promo non-embeddable, so we can’t include it below. But you can check it out here.


"Oprah" begins its 24th season Sept. 14 with a Whitney Houston one-on-one.