Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Fallon’s Autotuned Soap Opera Is a Musical Disaster-piece (Video)

Winfrey offers fun callback to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and gets to slap Fallon over and over again

Did you know Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Fallon starred together in a soap opera in the 1980s? Did you know Jimmy Fallon has a clip? It’s become a classic set-up for a recurring bit where Fallon and his guests pretend to have starred in some ridiculous project together and then fake clips from it, rushing back to their seats afterward.

The shows are always ridiculous, and Monday night’s installment proved no different. It wasn’t enough that Winfrey and Fallon starred together in this cheesy soap opera — that saw Winfrey slapping him at the end of every scene — they also had their voices autotuned.

Why? Because it’s funny, that’s why.

“Midnight Meadows” featured big hair and big shoulderpads, and strangely distorted voices. First they were high and squeaky like Alvin and the Chipmunks, but by the second scene their voices had dropped to a classically demonic pitch.

The third and final episode, for which Winfrey and Fallon were almost too winded to perform, took the autotune to its modern usage in music, with Winfrey singing through presenting her husband with “a brand new car!”

Watch Winfrey and Fallon in their fake soap opera clips here.

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