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Oprah Winfrey to Fans: ‘You Have Been the Love of My Life’ (Video)

Daytime-TV giant bids adieu to her flock with a rousing farewell speech

If you thought Oprah Winfrey would leave broadcast television without taking one last pull at the nation's heartstrings, you just haven't been paying attention for the last quarter-century.

The Big O whipped her audience into an emotional froth during her last episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" with a rousing example of oratory that was half motivational speech, half Hallmark card.

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"From you, whose names I'll never know, I learned what love is," Winfrey told both the studio and viewing audience. "You and this show have been the love of my life."

Winfrey continued, "I thank you for sharing this yellow-brick road of blessings."

The talk-show giant concluded by telling her legions of fans, "I won't say goodbye; I'll just say, 'Until we meet again.'"

Bask in the inspirational glory of Oprah's goodbye message by watching the video below.