Oprah’s Chicago Taping Forces NBA to Reschedule Bulls-Heat

Queen of Daytime won’t budge on booking United Center, site of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Who's commands more power: Oprah or the Chicago Bulls? Why, it's Oprah of course.

The Queen of Daytime is taping her final talk shows next week at Chicago’s United Center, site of Tuesday’s Game 1 of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and LeBron James' Miami Heat. And Oprah sure as hell ain't rescheduling.

Instead, the NBA is moving the game up to Sunday, according to ESPN.

Charles Barkey, studio commentator for TNT's playoff coverage, told ESPN Radio he received an e-mail confirming the change.

Via THR:

"We just got the e-mail saying we were supposed to start next Tuesday, but Oprah has it then. So they said, well let's do it Monday. Oprah is having one of her last shows, so she's got the United Center locked up. They're going to set up Monday and tape her show Tuesday. So they just sent out an e-mail and said prepare to go to Chicago and start Game 1 Sunday afternoon. They're going to move it up three days, for Oprah."

If Michael Jordan was still around, I'm not sure this happens.

Again, it's worth noting that the league is making one of its own teams reschedule a playoff game, moving it up three days — in that team's home arena — to accommodate Oprah.

That's the NBA: Where amazing Oprah happens.

[Photo illustration by TheWrap]