‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Asia Kate Dillon Teases More Brandy in Season 5 (Exclusive Video)

“The season picks up right where it left off,” actor tells TheWrap

Fans of Asia Kate Dillon’s neo-Nazi white supremacist Brandy Epps in Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” are in for a treat when the Netflix show returns with new episodes next month.

“For those hoping to see a little bit more of Brandy in Season 4, I think you’ll be happy with Season 5,” the actor told TheWrap.

“The season picks up right where it left off,” Dillon said — which means that the inmates at fictional Litchfield Penitentiary are on the verge of a riot that pits race-based factions against each other as well as against the guards.

The whole season, Dillon added, “takes place over the course of three days.”

For Dillon, playing Brandy is a far cry from the actor’s other breakout TV role in the last year, the gender non-binary financial wiz named Taylor who became a standout on the second season of Showtime’s “Billions.”

“It’s interesting, both Brandy and Taylor,” said Dillon, who also presents as gender non-binary and uses the pronouns they instead of he or she. “Brandy is very well read, she’s just read all the wrong books.”

“Brandy is operating from a place of fear,” Dillon explained. “And playing a character who operates from a place of fear has given me great insight into people who operate from a place of fear in general and how that can cloud one’s opinions and visions when it comes to how they view the world.”

Season 5 of “Orange Is the New Black” drops on Netflix on June 9.

Watch the video above.