Oregon Campus Gunman Identified

At least nine people killed as shooter opens fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College on Thursday


The Oregon gunman who opened fire at Umpqua Community College on Thursday has been identified as 26-year-0ld Chris Harper Mercer, according to media reports.

In the latest mass killing to rock a U.S. school, the shooter opened fire at a community college in southern Oregon, killing nine people and wounding at least seven others before being shot to death by police. The number of dead varied — ranging as high as 13 — as law enforcement officials scrambled to sort through what had happened.

The Umpqua Community College has approximately 3,000 students and is located in a rural community about three hours south of Portland.

The first calls came in at around 10:38 a.m., according to local officials. The college was put on lockdown while a number of law enforcement agencies responded.

On Thursday a visibly angry President Obama responded to the massacre saying such incidents had become so routine that “we’ve become numb to this.”

CBS News was first to identify the gunman on Twitter Thursday evening.