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‘Originals’ Star Leah Pipes Says Cami ‘Gives These Vampires a Run for Their Money’

Playing The CW show’s only non-supernatural main character, the actress says her character isn’t a victim

At first glance, viewers may think that Cami doesn’t stand a chance on The CW’s new series, “The Originals.” But, Leah Pipes says viewers may be wrong.

“There’s a lot more than meets the eye now and I love where they’re taking my character,” Pipes told reporters during a recent screening a The CW offices in Los Angeles alongside castmate Claire Holt.

“I’m so happy to be a part of telling this story,” Pipes continued. “She has gone through hardships in her life, and she’s a very strong girl because of it, and gives these vampires a run for their money, which I’m enjoying.”

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On the last episode of “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff, it becomes clear that Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) fancies the blonde bartender, but it was also revealed that original vamp Rebekah (Claire Holt) has her own romantic history with New Orleans’ vampire king.

But, Pipes and Holt both tried to downplay the love triangle – something that very much characterized the show’s progenitor, “The Vampire Diaries.”

“There’s definitely two girls pining after one guy, so I guess that is a triangle,” Pipes said. “I think the show — it’s a much more political show than just love triangles.”

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“The love story is kind of secondary,” Holt interjected.

“People are going to kiss in this show,” Pipes resigned herself to saying. “There’s going to be kissing.”

But, the actresses would rather viewers look at the bigger picture and argues that the show is like a “gangster show.”

“Everyone is fighting for New Orleans, not just the two vampires,” Pipes said. “Even the humans, everyone is fighting for this wonderful little town. And it gets really complicated in a wonderful way, like ‘The Godfather.'”

“The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.