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Origins of Massive ‘Here You Have’ Virus Still a Mystery

Google, ABC/Disney, Comcast, NASA, JP Morgan, American Express and the New York Stock Exchange were all victims of Thursday’s email attack

The origin of the "Here You Have" computer virus outbreak that attacked corporate America on Thursday remains a mystery.

Government security experts still don't know where or how the massive attack started, a person with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

A representative for the Department of Homeland Security declined to comment. Homeland Security oversees the the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which is the government's main cybersecurity agency.

The virus was distributed through emails with the phrase "Here You Have" in the subject line. Users who clicked a link to download a .PDF file in these emails were instead given a Windows script that sent the message to all of the addresses in their contact list.

The script also damaged computers that were shut down while infected.

The virus struck at Google, ABC/Disney, Comcast, American Express, JP Morgan, NASA and the New York Stock Exchange, among others. TheWrap also was shown internal reports exchanged by IT departments at several of the affected companies that listed Coca-Cola among the casualties of the virus, but a spokesperson for the beverage giant denied that any of its employees were infected.

Computer security experts at a bank that was not affected by the virus told TheWrap that they expected the outbreak to continue for several more days as more people open messages sent by infected computers.