Stephen Colbert Blasts Donald Trump’s ‘Fear-Mongering’ Response to Orlando Shooting (Video)

“Late Show” host draws a diagram to make sense of GOP candidate’s commentary, which comedian calls a “new low”

In the wake of Donald Trump’s proclamation that he was right all along following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Stephen Colbert decided to try and decipher Trump’s logic.

“This whole speech, with its nativism, its fear-mongering, and especially its self-aggrandizing in the face of tragedy feels like a new low,” Colbert said of Trump’s press conference following the attacks.

Colbert also took Trump to task for again criticizing President Obama for refusing to use the words “radical Islamic terrorists.” In an interview with CNN, Trump said “there is something going on” which was keeping the President from using the term, but refused to elaborate further.

Colbert then busted out a massive chalk board to help diagram Trump’s statements and tweets since the attack on Sunday. When he finally drew the connections between the terms on the board, some familiar patterns started to emerge.

Watch the video above.