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Ortenberg Launches One Way Out Media

Shingle will provide financing, consulting services for indie films.

Tom Ortenberg, who exited last week as president of theatrical films at the Weinstein Company, is launching his own broad-based entertainment company, dubbed One Way Out Media.

Based in Santa Monica, One Way Out Media will provide motion picture consulting services including marketing, distribution, publicity, awards season, production, acquisitions and third-party foreign sales, as well as financing for independent productions and acquisitions.

In an interview, Ortenberg, who just left the Weinstein Company after less than a year, told TheWrap he’d be consulting as well as financing movies at a level up to $5 million.

“I’ve always had entrepreneurial aspirations, but I never really sat down and detailed them for myself," said the former Lionsgate veteran, adding that he has seed investors, but is seeking additional investment.

Ortenberg said he was setting out on his own at a time when his experience in independent film could be critical.

“On the consulting side, it lets me keep my hand in the business in a detailed, hands-on way," he said, "while on the other hand, raising financing for a film opportunity fund allows me to really effect change in the independent film business.“

In a statement, Ortenberg said, "We might finance a lower-budget film, pre-buy North American rights to a film with partial financing or foreign sales in place; provide finishing funds or P&A; find a diamond in the rough at a film festival and self-distribute a picture theatrically, or even partner with an existing studio on a production or acquisition."

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