Oscars: Best Picture Nominees Get Their Own ‘Honest Trailer’ Starring ‘No Black People’

The gang at Screen Junkies admit they haven’t seen “Brooklyn” and can’t pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s name

Awards season finally comes to an end on Sunday with the Oscars telecast, and while all eyes are on the too-close-to-call Best Picture race, the gang at Screen Junkies have their own take on the competitive category.

This week’s Honest Trailer takes aim at all eight Best Picture nominees, more or less. The Screen Junkies admit they’d be outraged by “The Big Short” if they understood what the hell was going on. They also rechristen “Room” as “Fucked Up Boyhood” and refer to Mad Max as “even-tempered Max.”

Elsewhere, “Spotlight” is described as a “well-acted, super-depressing episode of ‘Dateline NBC,’ while “Bridge of Spies” is “a competently-made, by-the-numbers drama about the Cold War” and “The Martian” is just “‘Cast Away’ in space, so technically ‘Gravity,’ but on Mars.”

The Screen Junkies team still hasn’t seen “Brooklyn,” so that film escapes relatively unscathed, as does “The Revenant” because they don’t have footage from the film yet and are saving their best jokes for later. We can’t wait!

Watch the video above and let us know which film you’ll be rooting for on Sunday night in the comments section below.