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Batman, Superman, Matt Damon Can’t Keep a Straight Face in Blooper Reel of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Special (Video)

Late-night host struggles to contain his laughter opposite guests including Ben Affleck, Tracy Morgan and Nathan Lane

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar special looked like it went off without a hitch, but the late-night host shared some behind the scenes bloopers on Monday.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill had a hard time keeping it together in a skit spoofing their roles in the upcoming movie “Batman v Superman.”

Likewise for Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, who laughed hysterically when Kimmel forgot his lines during a spoof of “The Producers.”

Similarly, Tracy Morgan, Matt Damon and Mike Tyson all lost it at various times while filming the special for Kimmel.

It’s surprising that Kimmel was able to keep his cool when shooting scenes with Damon, considering how upset he got when Affleck snuck Damon onto the show.

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