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Will Smith Says Jaden and Willow School Him on His Fashion Sense

The ”Collateral Beauty“ star’s kids taught him a lesson after he commented on their fashion choices

Will Smith is probably the last person who should be commenting on anyone’s fashion sense — or so his kids think.

The 48-year-old actor posted a throwback photo on Thursday taken during his days on the set of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” He’s pictured wearing green sweatpants and a grey “Philadelphia” crop top and a black fitted cap to match (or not).

The “Collateral Beauty” star seemed to have remarked on his kids’ style of clothing one too many times, because they ended up resurfacing this gem of a photo to remind their dad that he’s not exactly the best person to be handing out fashion advice.

“This is the picture my kids showed me the last time I tried to comment on their fashion,” the Fresh Prince captioned the photo. “Haha! Last time I do that.”

And his kids probably know a thing or two about fashion.

His youngest son, multi-hyphenate Jaden Smith, has modeled for Louis Vuitton and was the first male to pose for the cover of Nylon magazine. The 17-year-old has also transcended masculine norms with his gender-bending style, posting photos of himself wearing skirts and nail polish to his Instagram account.

Willow Smith is no stranger to the world of fashion either. The 16-year-old recently shot a campaign for Chanel.