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Netflix in the Bathroom? Multitasking Moms Get Creative to Sneak-Watch Shows, Study Finds

Fifteen percent of moms watch streaming service while waiting in the school parking lot

Moms love watching Netflix, according to the popular streaming service. And they watch it in unique ways.

The video streaming giant released some fun — and completely scientific — results on Tuesday, highlighting the difficulty moms have in juggling their favorite shows while raising a family.

Seventy-one percent of moms said they have to sneak in “me time” for watching Netflix, and a near-unanimous amount (97 percent) said they wished they had more time to watch their shows.

As you’d expect, moms have to multi-task to fit in their Netflix streaming. The two most common ways moms wedge in a new episode of “Glow”? Fifty-seven percent watch while doing laundry, and nearly 50 percent find time while cooking dinner.

There are a few funny ways moms find time to watch their shows, though: 15 percent catch up while parked, waiting for their kids to leave school, and another 21 percent say they actually hide in the house to stream more.

Sounds, uh, healthy. Forty percent of respondents said they do the “bathroom sneak” — as the company puts it, spending extended “time on the proverbial throne to sneak in some QT with a new series, like, ‘The Crown.'” Thanks for that description, Netflix.

And moms apparently need to get out some aggression while they’re secretly watching Netflix — the most “sneaked” show is “The Walking Dead.” More tame heavy hitters, though, like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “Friends” round out the top spots.

Altogether, Netflix polled slightly more than 1,000 women for the results.