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‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Trump After Terrorist Attack: ‘The Leadership He’s Shown Unfortunately Is Sad’

Joe Scarborough is brutal in his criticism of Trump after the deadly terrorist attack in New York City

The tables were turned Wednesday morning on the set of “Morning Joe,” with President Donald Trump rushing to promote new policies after Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City and Joe Scarborough blasting the president for politicizing the tragedy.

“The leadership he’s shown unfortunately is sad and goes against every tradition not only in modern American politics, but in this history of this country,” said Scarborough.

“Here you have the president of the United States now, Donald Trump … using a terrorist attack when we should all come together to take cheap political shots at the opposing party. Now is not the time, now is not the place.”

Scarborough’s rebuke came after Trump launched a series of tweets Wednesday morning blasting Democrats and the U.S. visa system which he said the suspect in Tuesday’s attack, Sayfullo Saipov, had exploited to enter the U.S. from his native Uzbekistan.

Trump also took pains to make sure his favorite show hosts — and occasional dinner partners – over at “Fox & Friends” knew he was watching, tagging the show in his posts.

Only hours after the attack Tuesday which left eight dead, Trump was on Twitter announcing stepped up “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

It was a reversal of sorts for the president and his liberal critics. After the massacre in Las Vegas last month, It was Trump who urged unity and implored Americans not to politicize, while many on MSNBC used the occasion to promote policy objectives like gun control.