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Jordan Klepper Condemns Mueller’s Questions for Trump: ‘None of Them Are Multiple Choice’ (Video)

They’re also not ”true or false, or ‘click on all the pictures that include a car’ questions,“ says ”The Opposition“ host

Jordan Klepper talked about the leaked questions Robert Mueller wants to ask Donald Trump during Tuesday night’s episode of “The Opposition.” And the pretend right-wing pundit pretended to hate them.

“Opposers, this is big. Mueller’s questions for Trump have been revealed,” said Klepper. “I always knew Mueller would come for Trump with knives. And by knives, I mean questions that were shared in advance with his legal team as a courtesy.”

Klepper was referring to 49 open-ended questions leaked to the New York Times, which Mueller is said to be planning to ask Trump as part of the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“If you look through these questions, almost all of them are focusing on Trump’s motivations. And none of them are multiple choice, true or false, or ‘click on all the pictures that include a car’ questions,” Klepper said.

“It’s totally unfair. You can’t ask Trump open-ended questions. ‘Fox and Friends’ asked him what he got Melania for her birthday, and he talked for 30 minutes. And the answer was: nothing,” Klepper continued.

“At least give Trump a couple he can ace. Like ordering off the dollar menu at McDonald’s, [or] forgetting Eric’s fishing trips.”

Watch the whole clip above.

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