BTS Shows Up Jimmy Fallon in ‘Fortnite’ Dance Challenge (Video)

Yes, they all do the Floss

Last Updated: September 26, 2018 @ 7:03 AM

BTS, the biggest boy band on the planet, proved Tuesday that they’re game for some fun, old-fashioned American silliness. The fellas joined Jimmy Fallon for the “Fortnite” Dance Challenge, in which they each took turns trying to mimic the moves of characters from the uber-popular video game.

The segment proved that what feels like the 43 people in the group all can dance — and they can also learn choreography quite quickly. Fallon did his best to keep up, but there was a clear last-place finisher here.

Watch the video above — cool Flapper, bro.

And yes, they all did the Floss — now can we all officially stop doing that?

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