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TLC’s ‘Return to Amish’ Preview: Andrew’s Romantic Past Is TMI for Chapel (Exclusive Video)

TLC’s ”Breaking Amish“ cast comes together again for ”Return to Amish“

The stars of “Return to Amish” are finding life can be just as complicated back home as it was during their time away on “Breaking Amish.”

So far this season on “Return to Amish,” Abe and Rebecca are expecting a baby together as Sabrina copes with her pregnancy without any support from her Mennonite family.

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In TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, Chapel, Andrew’s girlfriend, invites Rebecca, Andrew’s sister-in-law, to grab coffee and get to know one another.

Chapel shares that she comes from “a pretty obnoxious redneck family.” As the only English girl in the ex-Amish crew, Chapel was raised exactly opposite from Andrew and all of his friends.

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Chapel reaches out to Rebecca in hopes of getting Andrew to open up and playfully asks for embarrassing stories about him when he began dating English girls. So, Rebecca fills her in — and tells her things about his past Chapel definitely did not want to hear.

Watch the preview above.

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.