Amazon’s Ad-Supported Streaming Service Could Be Its Ticket to Winning India

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U.S. OTT providers have struggled in India, but here’s how Amazon could change that

Amazon India
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With India’s online video market expected to grow to $2.4 billion in value by 2023, OTT video providers — especially those in the U.S. — have been persistent in their efforts to gain traction in the country. However, even after increasing output of Indian content, streaming services are having a tough time breaking into the price-sensitive market, where the average annual earnings is around $1680. Meaning when is comes to allocating budget, subscription services are going to be at the bottom of the list for many consumers.

Currently dominating the market is Fox STAR’s streaming service Hotstar and its more than 75 million subscribers, which dwarfs Netflix’s 5 million and Amazon’s 11 million. However, Amazon’s speculated-about play into the ad-supported market could give it the leverage it needs to successfully compete country.

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