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‘Pacific Rim’ Viral Marketing Prepares for Massive Monster Attack (Video)

Kaiju Emergency Alert System test and countdown clock on the film's official site tease film's upcoming trailer

This is a test. This is only a test.

The viral marketing campaign for Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" has begun and if the countdown on the monster movie's official website is any hint, then we'll probably be seeing the first trailer in two weeks.

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For now, anyone looking forward to what the director has so eloquently described as "Giant f–king monsters against giant f–king robots," will have to settle for an ominous Kaiju Emergency Alert System test.

Referring to the humongous monsters that rise from the sea and start destroying the world in the upcoming Warner Bros. release, a robotic voice warns, "This is only a test. In the event of an actual Kaiju attack, the signal you just heard would be followed by emergency information, news or instructions."

Another nugget for hungry science fiction fans to chow down on is a letter from Great Britain Air Command. The semi-censored document, addressed to Lt. Col. Takada of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps High Command, offers up pilots with enough "mental fortitude, physical strength, and combat experience" to man massive monster-fighting robots called Jaegers.

"Since the tragic Trespasser event, the beast known as the Kaiju has become a menace no nation can ignore," the letter reads (posted in its entirety on TotalFilm). "This threat reaches beyond the Pacific Rim, and your war is our war."

The potential blockbuster will wage war on our nation's wallets when it hits theaters on July 12, 2013. Watch the eerie emergency alert below.